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What is EmportCloud?

EmportCloud is a web-based application hosted on Cloud platform which gives you a lot of features to easily manage your team and make them more productive each day.

Who is EmportCloud for?

EmportCloud is developed for organizations to manage their team more efficiently. EmportCloud leverages you to track the assignments and daily deliverables of employees closely

What is the main advantage of EmportCloud?

EmportCloud ascertains that all employees are meeting expectations and performing adequately.
Extensive Translucency, Extensive Assessment.

How much does EmportCloud cost?

EmportCloud comes with two subscription pricing model. You may choose from them as per your requirement.

How can I get EmportCloud for Free?

It's very simple, you can opt for the FOREVER FREE subscription plan and begin the journey with EmportCloud.

In which countries are EmportCloud available?

EmportCloud is accessible across INDIA.

How do I open an account with you? How long does it take?

Navigate to the Signup page on the top, fill out the details requested, and kick start your journey with EmportCloud.

What features does the trial include?

The trial period consists of all the PREMIUM features with some limitations.
You may visit our pricing section for more information.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for EmportCloud?

You may access terms and condition page to get more details.

Payments and availability

What forms of payment do you accept?

EmportCloud offers all types of payment modes to kick start a hassle-free journey with us.

How is my price determined?

You can choose the plan as per your requirement. It is charged as per the USER basis.

How do I continue with FOREVER free plan?

You can navigate to the pricing module then under the FOREVER FREE plan, click on the Upgrade button and complete the registration.

When does my subscription begin?

Your Subscription will immediately begin as soon as your registration is completed and the account is auto-approved.

What happens to my benefits if I decide to stop my Subscription?

Your subscription benefits will be suspended for the time, all your data will be on the server for 30 days, and then it will be deleted permanently in case you don’t renew your subscription.

Which payment options can I use to purchase an EmportCloud subscription?

We are equipped with all types of payment methods. You may choose as per your convenience.

Which languages are EmportCloud available?

Currently, we have made EmportCloud available in the English language, but shortly we will be adding it in Multi-Lang

How can I update my billing information?

You can update the same in your Organization profile by signing in to your accounts.

What if I want to cancel my Subscription?

We would love your patronage, your account will be deactivated but you will still be able to access your Org details.

If I pay with my debit card, is there an extra fee?

There are no extra charges anywhere.

If I want to cancel my subscription anytime how the refund is processed?

For a monthly subscription: No refund will be facilitated. For eg, if a subscription is purchased on 1st day of the month and then after few days say on the 10th-day user wants to cancel the subscription then there will be no refund provided. Similarly, if the user wants to cancel the subscription at the end of the month then there will be no refund provided irrespective of that the user was continuing subscription since the previous month.
For Annual subscription: The refund will be processed based on a pro-rata basis. For eg; if the user has purchased the subscription on 1st January and then after using for six months the user wants to cancel the subscription then a refund will be calculated based on pro-rata and a refund amount for the next six months will be calculated and then refund will be provided.
Our team will be handling refund requests and will settle as per your Subscription plan and with the number of users mapped.

Setup Information

Do I need to download any setup file to start?

No, it is all Web-based, no setup is required to run physically on your client/server machine. You only need a browser and a good speed internet.

Do I need to set up any infrastructure to start with EmportCloud?

EmportCloud is set to fly on Cloud. The cloud offers businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server. There is no installer and no complicated dependencies needed, you don’t need to set up any Server / Hosting / Database to run the EmportCloud.

Operating System Dependencies

Which operating systems do the EmportCloud run on?

Since, EmportCloud is web-based, you don't need to worry about the Operating System.

Updates and new versions

How will I be notified about new features and releases?

You will be notified with new features via email and also through a feature upgrade header in your subscription version.

Will I be having access to upcoming features?

Whenever EmportCloud gets new features, it will be promptly available to the subscribers as per their subscription plans.


Where can I learn more about EmportCloud security?

EmportCloud has packaged with the latest security encryptions, which keeps your data more secure and safe.
Following encryption has been marked on a superior level to keep the integrity intact.
  over SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
 SHA512 algorithm for hash requirements
 Rijndael encryption for encryption requirements
 JWT token-based authentication for stateless user sessions
 Application server level firewall.
 Secure VPN Gateway

How secure is EmportCloud?

EmportCloud is pure Cloud-based with enhanced security encryptions. Which will keep the data integrity on utmost secure.


What types of files can I store in EmportCloud?

EmportCloud is developed to work with all types of file attachments.

What happens to my files in the EmportCloud if I cancel or downgrade my subscription?

EmportCloud back up your data files for 30 days, data files will be auto-deleted if not claimed or requested to be restored.

Is my data safe with EmportCloud?

EmportCloud ensures that your data is highly secured and safe.

What is Optimized Data?

EmportCloud offers you an optimized data environment on a centralized database server to manage your data more optimized and implemented properly.

Subscription and Trials

What’s included with a Forever Free EmportCloud subscription?

EmportCloud offers Forever Free plan which consists of PREMIUM features. Please visit our pricing section to know more about our subscription.

How do I purchase a subscription for EmportCloud online?

It's very easy. You can visit www.emportcloud.com and opt for your subscription that suits most for your organization.


What type of supports do I have with EmportCloud?

EmportCloud offers multiple support options based on subscription plans.
Forever Free: You get help through Self Service (User manual) support.
Trial: You get help through (User Manual, Email/Chat/Call) supports.
Standard: You get help trough all types of support (User Manual, Email/Chat/Call, and Remote Assistance)

How do I register an incident?

You can raise an incident ticket with us by using support options available as per your subscription plan.